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April 30, 2016

Dekko RMG Saves More Than 9-Percent Fabric Using ThreadSol’s intelloCut

ThreadSolSoftwares, the pioneer in enterprise material management solutions for sewn products industry, is pleased to announce that Dekko has achieved 9.07 percen fabric savings using its flagship product, intelloCut.

IntelloCut gives manufacturers the edge to reduce their material wastage by using effective concepts of fabric utilization packaged in advance technology, thereby boosting profits in a click. ThreadSol has been successful in saving fabric cost for more than 70 factories in 8 geographies. Within 6 months of operation in the Bangladesh apparel market, big names like Kenpark, Regency, Aman Graphics and Pacific Jeans have already adopted ThreadSol’s solutions.

Impressed with the reports conveniently available on mobile, Kalpan, Owner Dekko states, “While fabric saving was the highlight, it was ThreadSol’s overall approach to streamline processes and to generate automated reports on the phone, which made a difference for us. The impressive fabric saving of 9.07 percent in the first two weeks, deeply instilled our belief in the product”.