Dekko Washing & Agami Washing are units of Dekko Group, with state of the art technology based on export oriented factory for washing of products. More than a hundred workers and executives are working in a 100% compliant environment.
State of the art machinery
Efficient workforce
100% compliance to
international standards
Serving 30+ clients




We offer the largest range of textile washing, dyeing & finishing technologies for third parties. The daily washing capacity is 95,000 pieces theoretically divided in three categories: Soft Wash, denim wash, dyeing wash

Trained professional do the process of various shades & colors. All colors are matched using ‘Data color’, an electronic color matching device & a large color library. New shades in vogue are developed continuously. Denim, over-dye, custom color matching, multi-color combinations can be achieved by combining garments dyeing & overdyeing. Preproduction samples we can provide accurate color matching on any quantity. Others great look effects using Brushing, Spraying, and Scarping, Buffy and laser technology.


Services: Stone wash Tinsel wash Stone + Steinem Garment +Silicon Rinse wash Garment wash Enzyme bleach Stone & Towel Bleach Bio Bleach & Cold Dyeing Moon Wash Tinsel Bleach Stone +Enzyme Super stone+ Bleach Over Dyeing Dirty Dyeing / Tie Dyeing




Agami Washing is one of the pioneers of textiles washing plants in Bangladesh, providing state of the art machinery, efficient workforce and a structured operational process that allows us to effortlessly serve over 30 clients With Agami Washing you can rest assured that your product is getting the highest quality treatment in Bangladesh

Wet Process: Garments Wash, Enzyme Silicon Wash, Stone Enzyme Wash(Dark Wash), Stone Enzyme Medium Bleach Wash, Stone Enzyme Bleach Wash( Lt Wash), Super Light Wash, Acid/Snow Wash, Towel Bleach Wash, Tint Wash, Rubber Ball, Garment Dye, Dip Bleach, Dip Dye, Cold Dye

Dry Process:  Hand Scrapping, Hand Whisker, Chevron, Tacking, Tie Effect, Destroy, Grinding, Crinkle, 3D, PP Rubbing, Resin Spy, PP Spy